Dr. Larry Robinson, DMD

” I was recently caught in the predicament of ” timing is everything”. I purchased three new Suni digital sensors towards the end of 2018 but had to get new workstations and a new server installed prior to installing the Suni sensors and software. When I made the call to schedule the installation I was unable to contact anyone at Suni. This occurred before the official news was out but I was informed Suni had closed shop. What to do?”

“I was given the contact information for Dental TI. I had the opportunity to work with Luke, Chris and David. They did an amazing job of installing the Suni sensors and the software and within two days they had everything running perfectly. They event sent a follow up email on monday to check and see how everything was running. I want to thank Dental TI for the amazing service they provided me in a moment of panic. For the Suni users who are looking for ongoing support I strongly recommend Dental TI. The customer service was amazing. “

–Dr. Larry Robinson, DMD