Dr. John L. Hobgood III, DDS

“I recently purchased a J. Morita 3D R100 from Dental TI. I knew that my purchase included installation and training, but I was not expecting the level of service I received. During the install, David Hanning made sure everything was working properly. He ordered several parts and cords to optimize my current technology for the new technology he was installing. For months, we had not been able to share our keyboard and mouse with our xray software. What seemed like a complicated problem to us, David was able to solve quickly and ordered the adapter, even though it wasn’t in the original installation plan. “

“David spent time with my team to make sure they fully understood the new software and technology. He went above and beyond asking them if they had questions or if things were making sense. After the install, I was having difficulty with the software and setting exposure and scatter removal correctly. David spent the extra time with me to make sure I understood how to get optimal results. The new technology has drastically increased the productivity of my practice, and I love the results I am getting with my new 3D R100.”

–Dr. John L. Hobgood III, DDS