Dental Sensor Comparison-Get the Facts and Don’t Believe the Hype!

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There are a lot of claims about digital x-ray quality with some companies claiming that they have the best image quality. In this particular study soon to be graduates from the University of St. Louis’ 
Endodontic Program compared 6 sensors to see how much difference there really is among sensors. A pig jaw was used and a #6 file was inserted in a canal to be x-rayed.  Each sensor was exposed using the same position and an exposure level that was deemed ideal for that sensor. The results are in the image below. The first group is “native” or unenhanced while the second group has been sharpened.  The sensors evaluated were: Dexis Platinum, Poloroid Sensor, Quickray, SuniRay2, XDR. 

The image below represents the comparison.

Notice the tip of the #6 file is clearly visible in all of these images. The top row are “native” images that were processed without  post processing filters. The bottom images had the same level of sharpening applied.

Based on the opinions of the evaluators there was not a significant difference in usable image quality in the group of sensors evaluated. This is important to recognize as the most expensive sensor in the study is twice the cost of the least expensive sensor. If you are new to digital x-ray or looking to replace an existing system – get the facts and don’t believe the hype!